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We aim to provide competitive rates to all of our patients.

  • Standard Initial Assessment and Treatment (45 min) - £80

The initial assessment consists of thorough subjective consultation, physical examination, and treatment.

The subjective consultation includes a discussion about the history of your symptoms, presentation, the effect on everyday activities, your drug and past medical history, and your social history. We also discuss your goals, perceptions, and expectations.


The physical assessment will be tailored to your specific complaint and will involve one or

more of the following: orthopedic, musculoskeletal, biomechanical, and neurology tests.

At the end of your first session, we will discuss the findings and agree on a plan of action to achieve

your desired results.

*Pre-payment required. 

  • Extensive Initial Assessment and Treatment (2 hrs) - £150

This type of assessment involves all of the components of a standard assessment. However, it is meant for patients with extensive and complex medical issues relating to their complaints. For example, for someone who's had back surgery, experienced complications, and had unsuccessful physio/chiro/osteo intervention to date. *Pre-payment required. 

  • 30 min follow up visit - £60

A 30-minute appointment where we continue to progress you through your treatment plan.

  • 60 min follow up visit - £80

A 60-minute appointment where we continue to progress you through your treatment plan. This length of a session is normally required for neurological disorders or multi-trauma complaints.

*Additional mileage charges may apply. Please contact us for more details.


  • 8 x 30 min sessions block for £460 (Saving £20)

  • 12 x 30 min sessions block for £690 (Saving £30)

We Accept:


Information, Terms & Conditions

Physiotherapy is a patient care service that is provided in order to manage a wide variety of conditions. Services are provided to individuals of all ages regardless of gender, colour, ethnicity, creed, national origin, or disability.

The purpose of physiotherapy is to treat disease, injury and disability by examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis and intervention by use of rehabilitative procedures, mobilization, massage, exercises, and physical agents to aid the patient in achieving their maximum potential within their capabilities and to accelerate convalescence and reduce the length of functional recovery. All procedures will be thoroughly explained to you before you are asked to perform them.

Response to physiotherapy intervention varies from person to person; hence, it is not possible to accurately predict your response to a specific modality, procedure, or exercise protocol. We do not guarantee what your reaction will be to a specific treatment, nor does it guarantee that the treatment will help resolve the condition that you are seeking treatment for. Furthermore, there is a possibility that the physiotherapy treatment may result in aggravation of existing symptoms and may cause pain or injury.

It is your right to decline any part of your treatment at any time before or during treatment, should you feel any discomfort or pain or have other unresolved concerns. It is your right to ask your physiotherapist about the treatment they have planned based on your individual history, physiotherapy diagnosis, symptoms, and examination results. Consequently, it is your right to discuss the potential risks and benefits involved in your treatment.

Important Note: it is a client's responsibility to ensure prompt settlement of any fees and not that of a medical insurance company or a third party and if for whatever reason, your medical insurance company or third party do not pay your fees within 90 days, you will be asked to cover these fees personally. Alternatively, If you are self-funding, you agree to pay for the initial assessment within a day from receiving a payment text message. Further, you agree to cover any outstanding follow up session payments within 7 calendar days from the service provision or before your next appointment, whichever comes first.

Cancellation Policy: All clients are required to give a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice of their inability to attend an appointment, otherwise they will be charged in full for the appointment they are canceling. Also, if you have booked your appointment within 24 hours before the appointment time, the pre-payment is non-refundable. This policy is deemed necessary to avoid denying appointments to patients who may be on the waiting list.

Data protection: All the information collected during the course of your assessment and treatment by a physiotherapist or a rehabilitation assistant working with or under Just in Time Physiotherapy Ltd will remain strictly confidential under the terms of the data protection act / GDPR. Details on GDPR can be found on

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